THE BUZZ! Beyoncé’s $579 Million Renaissance World Tour Box Office Is the Highest Recorded Total for a Black Artist Next, Beyoncé makes records and she breaks them too. The Renaissance Tour has been wowing fans across the country. And it will soon be wowing fans in movie theaters very soon. But Beyoncé has been able to […]

THE BUZZ! Say What Now? You’ll Never Guess Who Was Just Crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Lastly, Some people argue that Zimbabwe is being misrepresented in a recent beauty pageant, while others disagree. All because the winner of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 is a white woman,and the population of Zimbabwe is predominantly Black. With non-Black […]

THE BUZZ!   White Lawyer Fired For Allegedly Snatching Wig Off The Head Of A Black Woman First. If you gon’ learn today was a person. An intoxicated white man in NYC snatched a black woman’s wig. She confronted him, yelling why. He smirked. A friend tried to get him to apologize, but he refused. […]

 THE BUZZ! Indonesia bans sex outside marriage as parliament passes sweeping new criminal code Planning a trip out of the country. Might want to reconsider going to a place like Bali in Indonesia. That’s because lawmakers in the country just unanimously passed a new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code doesn’t just apply […]

THE BUZZ!  911 Is A Joke: ACLU Lawsuit Claims SWAT Team Illegally Raided 77-Year-Old Black Woman’s Home Over A ‘Stolen iPhone’ When you hear stories of a SWAT Team arriving at a scene, You know it something serious, something big. But this was far from that. Ruby Johnson a 77 year old woman living in […]

THE BUZZ!   Black woman, 71, sues after bank workers allegedly refuse to cash five-figure jackpot check What could cause a 71 year old Black woman to sue a bank. How about not wanting to cash her check, said is was a fake, and kept it. That is what allegedly happened to Lizzie Pugh, who won […]

Teacher from Parkville arrested, charged with sexual solicitation of a minor Teachers are one of those jobs where as parents we put a lot of trust in and when you hear stories like this it is a little infuriating. Mark Planamente, a 38 year old social studies teacher from the Sisters Academy of Baltimore in […]

Barbados Honors Rihanna as National Hero During Republic Ceremony  So we know Rihanna is a proud Bajan she loves her Barbados. She was already named an ambassador for the island back in 2018. Well now after Barbados has just declared itself a republic and has replaced Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as head of state with its very first […]

WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay So who directs and coordinates the world’s response to health emergencies  Executive Director of emergencies program Mike Ryan spoke at a news conference on the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Geneva, Switzerland. He said pretty much Covid-19 is not going anywhere. In his words“I […]

Josephine baker was many things besides an international superstar entertainer and performer. She was involved in the civil rights movement I here in the United States and  she was also a resistance fighter for her adopted country France during World War Two.  Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she renounced her U.S. citizenship and became a French […]