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Is There Enough Votes For Infrastructure Bill?

On capitol hill there’s a lot of negotiations going on right now as congress is trying to stop a government shutdown that will take place tonight at midnight if a resolution is not reached on this infrastructure bill.

Joe Biden has a $3.5 Trillion proposal on the table but there are people like Joe Manchin who is  proposing a different amount of 1.2 Trillion.  So far no deal has been agreed upon and right now there are talks that the bill does not have enough votes to pass. So there is a real possibility that it doesn’t even make it to the floor today to be voted on. So now everyone is waiting to see what the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi does and so we wait while the back and forth negotiations continue.

Source: CNN


‘Big Brother’ crowns its first Black winner during season 23 finale

So the show Big brother after 23 seasons finally crown a brother a winner. Yeah a brother won Big Brother for the first time during the season finale last night. So big congratulations to Wisconsin attorney Xavier Prather for winning and taking home $750,000.  This season of the show had a lot more diversity than previous seasons with six black contestants on the show. 

It is worth mentioning though that he is the first black person to win during the regular season. Our girl Toni Braxton did win Celebrity Big Brother back in 2019.

Source: CNN



All-Black Team Will Attempt to Climb Mount Everest for the First Time

Of all the people that have conquered Mount Everest and have made it to the top not many of them have been of color. 

Well Phil Henderson an experienced climber is trying to change that. For the first time ever, an all-Black team will attempt to scale all 29,032 feet of Mount Everest. 

He plans on taking a nine-person Full Circle Everest Expedition team to the top of the tallest mountain in the world.

Thousands of people attempt to climb the mountain each year and many have died over the years trying. One climber said “that only eight Black people have ever made it to the top of the mountain, and no black American man has yet to do it.  Sophia Danenberg was the first Black woman and Black American to accomplish this feat.

I couldn’t be on the team…the way my sinus is set up…. that pressure.

Source: The Root

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