Texas sues CDC to stop mask mandates on planes So the Biden administration is getting sued, by Texas. Yes, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the Biden administration to end mask mandates on planes. The lawsuit argues that the mandate imposes a “restriction on travelers’ liberty interests” and that the Centers for Disease Control […]

Is There Enough Votes For Infrastructure Bill? On capitol hill there’s a lot of negotiations going on right now as congress is trying to stop a government shutdown that will take place tonight at midnight if a resolution is not reached on this infrastructure bill. Joe Biden has a $3.5 Trillion proposal on the table but […]

Iowa Congress man Steve King who is known for some very strong and off mark comments has now turned his sights on the Vice President Elect Kamala Harris questioning her heritage. Earlier this week.., Republican Rep. Steve King tweeted, “I’m reading that @KamalaHarris made history as first woman, first black woman, first Asian woman, etc […]

In an interview with the Washington Post, Brad Raffensperger said he was “stunned” by the question, in which Graham appeared to suggest that he find a way to reject legally cast absentee ballots. He said…“It sure looked like he was wanting to go down that road,”  Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, denied that’s […]

Since Joe Biden was projected winner of the 2020 Presidential race and was named President elect, Donald Trump has yet to agree that he has really lost the election, until now. Trump went on  his favorite media platform, Twitter, and tweeted “He won because the Election was Rigged.” This comes after his supporters travelled to Washington […]

Stacey Abrams is the former Georgia state house minority leader, and if you ask many Democrats, a Political Super Hero for work in the 2020 Election helping the Biden Harris campaign by galvanizing hundreds of thousands of voters and an important piece of flipping the red state of Georgia to Blue. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD […]

Bob Wallace is from Baltimore, raised in the South Baltimore neighborhood of Cherry Hill and is looking to add title as Mayor to his accomplishments. He graduated from Polytechnic Institute and is also a businessman and entrepreneur in the area and now will officially be a choice for the people in the upcoming Mayoral elections […]

Donald Trump is not only out here affecting individual and family lives, but longtime marriages are suffering as well.

Two Howard students talk about why they identify with Republicans and the future of the party, as it pertains to young, Black Americans.

Donald Trump may be able to get away with his behavior with a few women, but children don't lie.