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Wisconsin leads U.S. in imprisonment rates of Black people

Well if you have ever wondered which state in the U.S. locks up the most black people at the highest rate, the sentencing project has given us some numbers to help answer that question. 

According to their study Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Justice Statistics ,Wisconsin has imprisoned its Black residents at a rate higher than any other state in the country.

Black people represent 42% of the state’s total prison population despite accounting for only 6% of the total population. Census data found that Black Wisconsinites are also nearly 12 times as likely as their white counterparts to be imprisoned

economic injustice in the state contributes to the incarceration disparities, with Blacks less likely to be able to pay for adequate legal representation, which could mean the difference between imprisonment and not serving time.

The Sentencing Project notes that Wisconsin is followed by Oklahoma, Idaho and Montana, all states with low Black populations.

According to criminal justice experts, years of housing segregation and redlining have contributed to the disparity in imprisonment. 

Source: The Grio


Halle Berry Announces All-Female Rap Soundtrack For Netflix Film ‘Bruised’

Halle Berry is very excited about her new Netflix movie titled “Bruised’ in which she stars as an MMA fighter Jessica Justice. It’s also her directorial debut so you can understand the excitement there. But she’s also pumped about the movie’s soundtrack. So hyped she took to social media and expressed just how much.  Saying Soooooo excited to announce the first all-female Hip-Hop project — The music of Bruised on Netflix. 

The all-female soundtrack, is executive produced by Halle alongside Cardi B,  will  be available on streaming platforms very soon and you can expect the first single, entitled “Scared” by the City Girls to be released on Friday.

Source: Blavity


Raiders WR Henry Ruggs will be charged with DUI resulting in death after fatal car crash

One of the lessons we learn in life is every choice we make has consequences and another is things can change in the blink of an eye. Two lessons being felt by Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III  after he crashed his corvette into the back of another car driven by a 23 year old woman. Her car went up in flames and when Firefighters arrived they pronounced the young woman dead on the scene as well as her dog that was with her.

According to police Ruggs was driving at speeds around 156 mph and when the airbags in his car deployed he was travelling at 127 mph.

According to reports, Ruggs’ girlfriend  was traveling with him at the time of the crash and was also injured and had to undergo surgery for a serious arm injury.

Worse, police say Ruggs’ blood-alcohol level came in at twice Nevada’s 0.08 legal limit. 

Ruggs 22 years old with a promising NFL future was charged with DUI resulting in death after fatal crash carries a prison sentence of 2 to 20 years.  And hours after the charges were made known the Raiders released him from the team.

 Ruggs attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, released a statement on his behalf. 

“On behalf of our client Henry Ruggs III, we are conducting our own investigation as of this writing and ask everyone to reserve judgement until all the facts are gathered.”

Source: Yahoo Sports NPR

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