THE BUZZ! Andre 3000 breaks Billboard record with flute song Lastly, A lot of people had a lot to say about Hip Hop icon Andre 3000 putting out a new album with no bars just instrumentation and him on the flute. Well that move looks like a good decision. Not only has he out sold […]

THE BUZZ! LATE LAURYN HILL TO CONCERTGOERS: ‘Y’ALL LUCKY I MAKE IT ON THIS BLOOD RAS STAGE’  Next, Speaking of gambling. When it comes to Lauryn Hill you can bet she will songs you love. But what time will she start singing is a lot harder to figure out. She has built a reputation for […]

THE BUZZ!   LeBron James, Drake sued for $10M over rights to ‘Black Ice’ hockey film LeBron James and Drake are being accused of stealing.   A lawsuit filed by Billy Hunter claims the NBA and Music Star stole the “intellectual property rights” to a film “Black Ice,”   The film is about the old, segregated hockey league […]

Wisconsin leads U.S. in imprisonment rates of Black people Well if you have ever wondered which state in the U.S. locks up the most black people at the highest rate, the sentencing project has given us some numbers to help answer that question.  According to their study Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau […]

R. Kelly hires Bill Cosby’s lawyer to appeal sex trafficking conviction What do R Kelly and Bill Cosby have in common, one thing for sure is now the same lawyer. R Kelly is seeking legal help of Bill Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean to appeal his racketeering and sex trafficking conviction. The Chicago Tribune reported that his new lawyer […]

In some sad news…Prince Markie Dee of the Fat Boys passed away yesterday at the age of 52 in Miami a day before his 53rd birthday, no cause has been confirmed. Born on February 19th 1968, Mark Prince Markie Dee Morales member of the hip hop group the Disco 3 which later became the world […]

Dr Dre is a known celebrity with his hip hop legacy in tact with groups like NWA and being a big part of the growth of hip hop music with young people on the west coast and across the nation. Music has always been at the foundation of what he did even with his business […]

In a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr. said: “Now it’s OK to be a junkie. This is crazy that it’s OK to O.D. on drugs, it’s OK to take any drugs now, it’s OK to be a junkie. And the legendary rappers like to stick to what they talk [about]. When you go back and […]

Leave it to Kendrick Lamar to turn a good Friday into a great Friday. The Compton rapper dropped his fourth studio album, Damn, last night and the Internet just can’t stop talking about the highly anticipated release. If you thought Dot’s 2015 Grammy nominated album To Pimp a Butterfly was politically direct, than Damn may have you […]

We may be embarking on a royal hip-hop rumble that we didn’t even see coming. Just hours after Remy Ma dropped her second diss track against Nicki Minaj, rumors began swirling that Foxy Brown is now putting on her gloves and stepping in the battle. In a video snippet posted by The Shade Room, a […]