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Dave Chappelle launches fundraising challenge to settle High School Theater renaming dispute.


So Dave Chappelle is no stranger to criticism especially lately as he went toe to toe with the cancel culture for his comments in his Netflix special The Closer which some folks found trans phobic. Well a lot of people still feel some kind of way. Recently some of the students from Dave’s Alma mater The Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Washington D.C., said they would stage a walkout after they found out the school had plans to rename its theater after Chappelle.

So how did Dave respond, on his Instagram he posted that “Talk is cheap (unless I do it).” So he issued a fundraising challenge to settle everything.

“If you object to my receiving this honor, I urge you to donate to the school noting your objection. If you are in favor of the theater being named ‘Chappelle,’ I urge you to donate to the school, noting your approval.”

“Whichever opinion donates the highest collective dollar amount, wins,” “If by April, those against the ‘Chappelle’ theater exceed the donations of those who are neutral or in favor of the theater being named ‘Chappelle,’ I will gladly step aside. If not, I will happily attend the naming ceremony. And if you don’t care enough to donate … please shut the f— up, forever.”

Then he dropped his phone like a mic… ok probably not but we’ll see how this turns out.

Source: The Grio

Ari Lennox Says She Has Been Arrested In Amsterdam Over Racial Profiling Incident

Now another celebrity who is speaking out is Ari Lennox who tweeted early this morning that she was being arrested in Amsterdam after a racial profiling incident.

So it looks like it all went down at an airport in the Netherlands because In one of her tweets she said, “F— Amsterdam security. They hate black people.” Twenty minutes later she tweeted, “They’re arresting me,” and “I’m being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me.”

Another Tweet stated Racism, Wow Amsterdam I’m horrified. I was so happy to travel and this evil woman… I’ve never experienced racism so blatant.

She also tweeted I just wanna go home. I’m not leaving my house again.

There’s been no other updates after that. So I’m sure we’ll hear more about what took place.

Source: Essence


Merriam-Webster chooses vaccine as the 2021 word of the year


So we are getting to the end of the year and we’re at the t time when Merriam-Webster announces its word of the year. And for the year 2021 they’ve chosen the word, “Vaccine”

Merriam-Webster’s editor-at-large said “This was a word that was extremely high in our data every single day in 2021.” “It really represents two different stories. One is the science story, which is this remarkable speed with which the vaccines were developed. But there’s also the debates regarding policy, politics and political affiliation. It’s one word that carries these two huge stories,” 

At Merriam-Webster, they base its selection on lookup data, lookups for “vaccine” increased 601% over 2020.

Last year’s Merriam-Webster word of the year was “pandemic”

What will it be next year in 2022

Source: AP News

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