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The veteran comic is executive producer on a series of stand-alone comedy specials that will debut on Netflix, and the first of them will spotlight veteran comic and friend Earthquake.

Patton Oswalt performed with Dave Chappelle during a New Year's Eve show, and he did what he did. The star comedian and actor took to Instagram to defend hitting the stage with his longtime friend, while noting he doesn't agree with his homie's stance on the LGBTQ+ community.

Dave Chappelle launches fundraising challenge to settle High School Theater renaming dispute.   So Dave Chappelle is no stranger to criticism especially lately as he went toe to toe with the cancel culture for his comments in his Netflix special The Closer which some folks found trans phobic. Well a lot of people still feel […]

The Duke Ellington School of The Arts, Dave Chappelle's alma mater, has decided to delay an event where he would've been honored with the school's theater bearing his name. The event, originally scheduled for November 23rd was postponed so that administrators could meet with students who had concerns over his commentary about trans people in his last Netflix special.

Even though he is comedy royalty Dave Chappelle rarely buys into his celebrity. Recently he met Hip-Hop pioneer Scorpio of The Furious Five and he got emotional. As spotted on Complex the Washington D.C. native pulled up for the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio. While making moves backstage he […]

Dave Chappelle has received a lot of back lash over his contreversial Netflix special, but guess who sided with him? Caitlyn Jenner, who is considered the face of transgenders by some, called the backlash against him “woke culture run amok.” In a tweet, the parent of Kylie & Kendall Jenner tweeted this Wednesday, “Dave Chappelle […]

The saga of controversy that's resulted from Dave Chappelle's very viral Netflix standup special, 'The Closer,' has practically been unfolding daily since it premiered a few weeks ago. However, the veteran comedian is said to be open about talking things out.

Trans Netflix Workers Planning A Walkout In Response To Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” The calls to cancel Dave Chappellle’s new special The Closer on Netflix you thought would’ve died down after Netflix CO-CEO sent out a memo to staff in support of keeping the show and stating that they do not allow shows on the platform that […]

Netflix standing by Dave Chappelle and ‘The Closer’ Dave Chappelle’s new show The Closer is not closing as of right now. This past week has seen Dave Chappelle’s name thrown around in the cancel culture circle after some comments he made during his new Netflix comedy special were deemed by some as Transphobic. In an […]

Tina Turner sells music catalog going back 60 years to BMG Tina Turner the now 81 year old superstar who is the first black artist and female to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. She will be inducted into the Rockn Roll hall of Fame a second time and has a catalog of […]