Washington D.C.

Man removed from heart transplant list for being unvaccinated gets emergency pump As this pandemic continues so does the struggle between the vaccinated and un-vaccinated. And now it seems that being un-vaccinated can cost you a new heart. In Boston a 31 year old man was taken off the heart transplant list because he refused […]

Dave Chappelle launches fundraising challenge to settle High School Theater renaming dispute.   So Dave Chappelle is no stranger to criticism especially lately as he went toe to toe with the cancel culture for his comments in his Netflix special The Closer which some folks found trans phobic. Well a lot of people still feel […]

Texas Democrats said they are urging Congress again to pass federal voting laws. So the war on voting is still in a battle especially in some states like Texas where Republicans’  are trying to pass bills that would ban drive-thru and 24-hour voting options, enhance access for partisan poll watchers and prohibit local election officials from […]

Speaker Pelosi and dem took a knee for George Floyd but got some side-eye for their African masks and scarves.

The Washington, D.C. institution has closed two of its three locations across the region as the spread of COVID-19 has upended several businesses nationwide.

An elementary school in Washington,  D.C issued an apology after giving black students an assignment stating that they had to portray slaves. Lafayette Elementary School Principal Carrie Broquard said the assignment was a mistake after teachers got carried away while teaching students about the Reconstruction Era and the Civil War. Broquard said the students “should […]

An unidentified man set himself on fire at a park near the White House on Wednesday afternoon.  He possibly had on a protective suit during the incident that you can see above. Authorities surrounded the man and used fire extinguishers and immediately took the man into custody and the hospital. No one else was injured […]

Transit officials in Washington, D.C., confirmed that one of its employees was not violating any of its rules when she was photographed eating on board a train.

Self-avowed racist Richard Spencer was punched in the face by a protester during an on-camera interview following Donald Trump's inauguration.