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New York City imposes vaccine mandate for all private sector employers, Mayor de Blasio says

Covid-19 is back in the headlines especially with a new variant omicron and the colder months ahead so NY City Mayor De Blasio with only like a month left in his term is taking some aggressive measures to prevent any large breakouts by announcing a vaccine mandate for all private sector employers which goes into effect on December 27th.  Now the new mandate would apply to around 184,000 businesses in NYC.

Also as a part of his announcement were the rules for dining and entertainment and how it would apply to children ages 5 to 11, who now must have at least one dose to enter restaurants and theaters starting on Dec. 14, and that the requirement for adults would increase from one dose of a vaccine to two starting on Dec. 27.

Source: NY Times


Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Saying Oxford High Shooter Should Have Created Distraction 

So after the shooting that took place at a High School in Michigan that took the life of four young teen. You can expect other schools to address the issue and speak to their students about the matter especially other schools in the area.

Well that is exactly what happened at Hopkins High School in Michigan except they didn’t expect what one of their teachers would allegedly say about the tragedy that took place.

A parent of a student at the school told the news station that the teacher told her child that he “would’ve pulled a smoke detector, so that he could create a distraction, in order to carry out his hit list and kill the people that he would need to.”

The school and Michigan police are investigating the situation and the teacher has been placed on leave.

Who is teaching our kids.

Source: Newsweek


Sexual misconduct allegation against Chris Cuomo led to his firing from CNN, attorney says

Well from suspensions to terminations.

Chris Cuomo the Big time CNN anchor was terminated for what was thought for trying to help his brother’s sexual misconduct situation. But according to Attorney Debra Katz, he was terminated due to his own sexual misconduct allegation from her client.

Katz said her client came forward after Cuomo made comments on-air relating to caring about sexual harassment issues and following the revelation that he helped his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, respond to sexual harassment allegations.

Katz said in a statement “Hearing the hypocrisy of Chris Cuomo’s on-air words and disgusted by his efforts to try to discredit these women, my client retained counsel to report his serious sexual misconduct against her to CNN,”

A spokesperson for Chris Cuomo, issued a statement earlier Sunday denying the allegations.

and I know there’ll be more coming out soon on all of this.

Source: CNBC


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