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Mega Millions Surprise: Woman finds $3M lottery prize in her spam folder

Becoming a millionaire most would say takes a lot of hard work and sometimes it can be as hard as opening your email and checking your spam folder.  Yes, sometimes there is not just spam in the spam folder, sometimes there are multi million dollar emails sitting in there waiting to be claimed. That’s exactly what happened to this woman in Michigan who found out she won when she was looking for a missing email in her spam folder and saw an email from the Lottery saying she won a prize. A pretty sizable prize, how about $3 million. She purchased the winning ticket on the lottery website and says she plans to share the winnings with her family and retire early. Also, like the rest of after hearing this story she plans on checking her spam folder more often.

I’m checking as we speak..
Source: ABC

CDC warns about counterfeit N95, KN95 masks

Something else you need to check for…Is your mask real or fake. The CDC has put out a new warning regarding these N95 and KN95 masks which they consider better at filtering air and are used by health-care workers to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Well they are saying there are a lot of fake ones out there on the market. They’re estimating more than half around 60% of the masks on the market are not authentic.
Law enforcement has reported they have intercepted more than 10 million fake masks, and more remain in circulation.
So how can you tell if you have a real one or not?
Here are a few ways to tell:

The N95’s are certified by the US and those will have the letters “NIOSH” on them, meaning they meet the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health requirements.They say to also check the spelling of those letters as well.
The KN95 masks are approved by China and they won’t have the “NIOSH” letters. But, the face-piece respirator on these masks should have headbands, not ear loops.
and the N95’s should not have decorative fabric, add-ons or elaborate claims.
As for how long you can keep these masks on, experts say you can wear them for three days.
Source: ABC / ABC



Did you bet on Black Lives matter winning?. Well you could have. That’s because the Hatley brothers the first Black American family to race quarter horses in Texas made it possible. They have a new champion on their team and yes the horse’s name is you guessed it, is Black Lives Matter.
The Hatley brothers said they put a lot of thought into naming this horse and they wanted to have a consistent presence in bringing social awareness to the plight of African Americans in this country. And they wanted to leave an impression on racehorse fans when they heard the name whether the horse won or not.
Black Lives Matter is scheduled to race again in April 2022.
I remember last year the horse named after Breonna Taylor won at Churchill Downs. And I think it’s pretty cool not only that they are naming these horses like this but the fact they are also winning too makes it even nicer.
Source: BET
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