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Chris Brown Sued for $20 Million Over Alleged Rape

Chris Brown is making headlines and its not for his new single that he just dropped, it’s for allegations of sexual assault.  Brown is accused of raping a woman back in 2020 when they were both on a yacht outside of Diddy’s house in Miami. The women identified as Jane Doe, said Brown invited her to come to Miami and then when she got there he offered her a drink and after a refill it was then she realized “a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness.”

The lawsuit alleges the woman became “disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep.” Brown then allegedly took her to a bedroom while she was “drugged” and wouldn’t let her leave.

She also said that Brown reached out to her the next day and demanded that she take a plan B —the morning-after emergency contraception pill.
Well her attorney says she didn’t go to the authorities because she was embarrassed, and due to the emotional stress caused by the alleged attack, she is now seeking $20 million dollars.
Well breezy did respond on his Instagram story denying the allegations, writing “I HOPE Y’ALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [cap],” he wrote. “Whenever im [sic] releasing music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bullshit.”
We’ll see what happens there.

St. Louis County Police Department Appoints First Black Chief of Police

And speaking of seeing.
You’ve never seen this in the 66 year history of the St. Louis police department, and that’s a black police chief, until now.
Big shout to Kenneth Gregory, who has served the department for over 40 years. before being named interim police chief after the previous chief resigned.
Gregory said, “I never would have thought that I’d be standing here as the chief of this department 42 years ago,” “Forty-two years ago, no one would have given this department a look to see that a man that looks like me would be the chief of the St. Louis County Police Department.”
Congrats to you brother.
Source: The Root

North Carolina A&T ‘Blue And Gold Marching Machine’ Named 2021 Band Of The Year By

HBCU Sports

Now a special part of the HBCU experience is going to sporting events like football games, where the athletes are not the only show. Some of these HBCU bands can be a show all to themselves. And there are some really good ones too. But there can only be one, and that title goes to the Blue and gold Marching Machine from North Carolina A&T is HBCU’s sports 2021 Band of The Year.
And to show how good they really are, this is the third time they have claimed this title in the past five years including back to back titles in 2017, and 2018.
Congratulations to them.
Source: Blavity
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