The allegations of assault just don't seem to be ending for "Iffy" singer Chris Brown following a second woman coming forth with claims that he drugged and raped her in December 2020.

Chris Brown Sued for $20 Million Over Alleged Rape Chris Brown is making headlines and its not for his new single that he just dropped, it’s for allegations of sexual assault.  Brown is accused of raping a woman back in 2020 when they were both on a yacht outside of Diddy’s house in Miami. The […]

Often-controversial Brooklyn Nets star player Kyrie Irving has proudly asserted himself as someone vehemently against getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and it appears he's getting support on his decision from another contentious celebrity, Chris Brown.

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Chris Brown is now being sued by his housekeeper Patricia Avila over an alleged incident where his dog “viciously” attacked her sister.

As the VERZUZ phenomenon continues to grow to larger than life proportions, other than the Instagram Live battles themselves, the hotest topic amongst fans is who’s got next and if that battle hasn’t/doesn’t come to be who would be the winner is they did? Coming soon off the VERZUZ bucket list will be Earth, Wind […]

Some people still don't understand social distancing!  Chris Brown had some interesting quarantine content to share with us on social media that is quite scary. The weekend, the singer shared with us a video of a woman who snuck on his property yelling at him while he crouched down hiding.

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Hours after he was released from custody in Paris, Chris Brown went on the offensive regarding allegations that he raped a 24-year-old model. He’s planning to sue her for defamation. Brown’s Parisian lawyer,  Raphael Chiche told the press, “Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation […]