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Smokey Robinson Said He Regrets Being Labeled An African American

Have you heard what one of our Motown greats 82 year old Smokey Robinson said?
Now he was on the view and talking about race and identity and has a lot to say about it.
He said “I resent being called African American because Black people have contributed so much to the development of the United States of America,”

He also said “You see, I consider myself to be a Black American, and I enjoy being called Black, and Black has been so ne-ga-ti-vized as a color down throughout history by those who wanted to negativize it. And so, it spilled over into the Black community and to the Black people. And even Black people back in the day calling each other Black was a sign for a fight,” he added, “The wonderful Black Americans who served in the armed forces and gave their lives in all the wars. They did not do that for Timbuktu or Capetown or Kenya. They did that for Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas and Virginia. OK? So that’s how I feel about it.”
He also talked about his poem  “Black American” which was turned into an animated film showing the origin of the label “African American” and his reasons for wanting to be called a Black American.
One thing for sure two things for certain, i will always represent my African heritage, and our history did not start in America.
Source: Blavity

No Charges for 5-Year-Old Who Left Teacher Hospitalized in Pembroke Pines School Attack

There’s a story  in Florida about a 5 year old who hospitalized a teacher. Crazy!

The police report described what happened as an aggravated assault with hands, fist or feet.

Now in the report it states that in an elementary school in Florida a teacher was trying to calm down a special needs student who was acting up in class throwing things and flipping desks. She took the kid in to a cool down room and that’s when it went down, or I should say she went down.
She had to get on the school radio and call for help. The responding officer found her in a faint state, clearly weak and dazed, coughing and dry heaving. It was so bad the teacher had to be removed on a stretcher and taking to the hospital, where her injuries were so sever she needed surgery.
And get this this is not the first time, its the third time something like this has happened.
Police confirmed that  the child wont be charged in the incident.

Source: NBC Miami

Baltimore’s citywide robotics team will challenge 20 DMV teams this Saturday

There’s reason to celebrate our youth here in Baltimore. There are some kids that are doing some really good things like the City high school students that are a part of The Baltimore Bolts after school robotics club. These kids are building  and programming 145-pound and five feet-tall robots and they enter different competitions.
The next one will be happening this Saturday as they compete against 20 other teams from the DMV in the FIRST, robotics competition.
Firsts is actually an acronym which stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.
Again, we have a lot of amazing kids here in our City. We just have to keep giving them more support to be great.
…and that is what’s happening inside The Buzz!