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Will Smith confronts Chris Rock, then wins best actor Oscar

The 94th Academy Awards were definitely one to talk about. To start it was the first time The award show was produced by an all black production crew led by Will Packer, who had  this to say leading up to the big night:
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And it surely turned into must see tv, after Will Smith walked up to Chris Rock and slapped him live during the award show.

Now this came after Chris made a  joke about Jada Pinkett Smith being in GI Jane part 2 which was a jab at her having a shaved head, as she deals with alopecia.
Well after that is when the big slap went down that has everyone talking this morning.
Now Will told Chris to also keep his wife’s name out of his mouth but did go on to apologize while accepting his award for winning the Best Actor Award for his role in the movie King Richard. An accomplishment that was overshadowed by the slap that woke up the Oscars.
But now watercolor talk is: why did it happen, was it a publicity stunt, he wouldn’t have done that to a white comedian, or another type of comedian, and should Will be cancelled
Well, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences issued a statement saying it “does not condone violence of any form.” As for Chris Rock’s reaction he did not retaliate or did he press any charges or file a complaint.
Source: AP

Halle Berry Said Her 2002 Oscar Win Didn’t Open Doors For Black Actresses

So keeping with the Oscars, Halle Berry had a very interesting comment about her historic Oscar win back in 2002 for Best Actress, the first time an African American Women hasw ever done so and one that 20 years later no one still has done it again.
Now it might have been a big victory for Halle the actress but it has not been one for other black actresses in the industry.  According to The New York Post, a Black actress has not been nominated in that category since Berry who said that the moment “didn’t open the door” “The fact that there’s no one standing next to me is heartbreaking.”
She went on to say that while actors cannot measure their success by the amount of awards they’ve won, they do signify that the entertainment industry recognizes their talent.
Source: Blavity

Poet Amanda Gorman Kicks Off Sesame Street’s Coming Together Initiative With ‘Word of

the Day’ Series

In some postie news Poet Amanda Gorman is helping our kids learn as a part of a new initiative with Sesame Street. The Word of The Day series is a video series that uses language to nurture the positive self-image of children, one that features the muppets and celebrities learning about new words.
Amanda Gorman said in a release “Sesame Street is such a beloved institution and source of joy and understanding for children; when I was little it was absolutely one of my favorite shows,” “It was the honor of a lifetime to visit Sesame Street in person!”
Something you can check out with the family.
Source: Rolling Out
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