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Comedian Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage At The Netflix Is A Joke Fest [Video] Talk about Buzzing. The story of Dave Chappelle getting attacked by an audience member is trending and the video of the incident is making its rounds on social media. In the video you can see a man rush the stage and […]

CHRIS ROCK’s Mom Says When Will Slapped Her Son …IT WAS LIKE SLAPPING HER Now I really didn’t want to talk about this slap situation again but I have to only because we heard from a lot of people about this slap but one person close to Chris is speaking out about it, and that’s […]

Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction to Will Smith slap revealed in new video The slap. The most famous slap of all is still making headlines as there is a new video that has surfaced showing another angle that hasn’t been seen of the incident. This angle shows Jada’s response to Will getting up on stage and […]

Chris Rock says he’s still ‘processing’ getting slapped by Will Smith at Oscars The Will Smith slap at the Oscars is still making headlines as the aftermath is still unfolding. At this point Will has apologized in a statement. Jada commented its healing season and shes hear for it. Well we’ve been waiting on the […]

Will Smith confronts Chris Rock, then wins best actor Oscar The 94th Academy Awards were definitely one to talk about. To start it was the first time The award show was produced by an all black production crew led by Will Packer, who had  this to say leading up to the big night: Play Clip: […]

We're clearly still in the midst of a global pandemic, and should move accordingly. Comedian and actor Chris Rock revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

After learning about his nonverbal learning disorder, Chris Rock reflects on how his condition may have affected his past relationships.

Originally slated to release last summer, Spiral had to get pushed back due to the pandemic and though streaming blockbusters is all the rage these days, Chris Rock isn’t settling for anything less than a theatrical release for the film he’s produced and stars in.

The invite-only show on tour has been kept as secretive as the Illuminati thus far, but Rock's IG post finally shed a little light on how incredible it must be to be in the audience to watch these two comic legends share the same space at the same time.

Chris Rock decided to dig in his vault to drop some unreleased material that is both relevant. On Monday (Jul 21), Chris Rock took to Instagram to share an unreleased 2003 parody video where he transposed his face on Andre 3000's body for 3 Stacks iconic "Hey Ya" video. Rock's version takes a serious but hilariously presented look at race, calling out social injustices at the time that are ironically still an issue today.