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Comedian Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage At The Netflix Is A Joke Fest [Video]

Talk about Buzzing. The story of Dave Chappelle getting attacked by an audience member is trending and the video of the incident is making its rounds on social media. In the video you can see a man rush the stage and try to tackle Dave during his set at the Hollywood Bowl for the Netflix is A Joke festival.

Police told NBC Los Angeles the man was carrying a weapon which can eject a knife blade ‘when you discharge it correctly’, although it is not yet known if he tried to use it during the attack.

Its being reported that Dave and the man tussled briefly before Jamie Foxx and security detained the attacker. He was allegedly roughed up a little too, maybe a little more than a little. Because in another video that is circulating you can see man leaving on a stretcher and in it is visible that his arm is broken and facing the wrong way. Ouch!
According to Police neither Dave or any officer was injured.
Chris Rock who was on the show earlier did come on stage and grabbed the mic and said was that Will Smith, which after all of what just happened was pretty funny.

BPD detective carjacked in south Baltimore, police say

Another day in Baltimore and another crazy story. This time its about an off duty officer getting car jacked in South Baltimore near Hanover St.
Police Commissioner Harrison said the three suspects were armed and at “At some point, our detective pulled out his weapon and discharged his weapon, but it is unknown if any of the individuals were struck by gunfire or any injuries at this point,” he went on to say “the suspects sped off in the officer’s unmarked car then crashed and fled the scene. he says they’ve apprehended two and are still looking for a third suspect.”
Thankfully the officer was not injured.
Mayor Brandon Scott spoke on the incident as well, he said enough is enough.
“When we continuously see these kind of acts happening and happening over and over again, we need to have a check in the community. We know — you know — if a young man is coming home, a young woman coming home with key fobs and they’re not old enough to drive, or don’t have a license, or don’t have a car, you have to check them,”
There’s a lot of checking that needs to be done. This violence is out of control.
Source: WBAL



State Dept.: Brittney Griner considered wrongfully detained

The story of WNBA star Brittany Griner is still being detained in Russia and now the US State Department is saying something about it.  They have come to the conclusion that she is being wrongfully detained and now they are going to move more aggressively on working on her release.
U.S. officials have moved her case to the Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs — that focuses on negotiating for the release of hostages and other Americans classified as being wrongfully detained in other countries.
So far Brittany has been detained in Russia for 75 days after being stopped in Russia for having vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis in herluggage.
Now hopefully this can happen because if you remember just last week the U.S. was able to negotiate the release of Marine veteran Trevor Reed as they swapped him for a convicted Russian drug trafficker who was being held in a U.S. prison.
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