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An ex-college football player admitted to rape. He was given probation.

Well if there was an exercise in showing the racial disparities in criminal justice outcomes, this story would be a great example.
According to the prosecutor and court documents a 20 year old white ex football player, who at the time was a student and football player at Montana Technological University, went to his ex-girlfriends home while intoxicated and she let him in. Once inside he started hitting on her, she asked him to leave but he didn’t, instead, he covered her mouth with his hand and raped her.

To add to it, 10 days later another woman also reported this same guy for sexually assaulting her a month earlier.
Well at his sentencing, a Montana state judge after finding him guilty of sexual intercourse without consent, told him that he was giving him “an incredible chance” by not sending him to prison.
Now even though his felony charges carries the possibility of a 20-year prison sentence, he was sentenced to only probation, ordered to seek counseling, and required that he register as a sex offender for six years.
Once completed he can ask the court to let him withdraw his guilty plea and wipe the case from his criminal record.
As for the sentence, the Prosecutor says one of the main reasons it did happen was that the two victims supported the no-prison plea bargain.

At the sentencing, he told the judge he was “incredibly disappointed in my behavior by acting disrespectfully.” But, added, he had bettered himself since the rape and would keep doing so.

“I have begun the long process of maturing and taking on the responsibility of becoming a man my family and I can be proud of.” “This work has just begun, and I sincerely regret having to stand before you today. However, it will be the last I will ever find myself here.”

Florida governor signs bill limiting LGBTQ instruction in schools

Now downs south at the bottom of the map Florida’s Governor has made the “Don’t Say Gay Bill’ official.  yesterday he signed the bill banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for children in kindergarten through third grade, or from about ages 5-9, in public schools.
The bill was formerly known as the “Parental Rights in Education” bill.
The law which takes effect on July 1,  will allow parents to sue school districts they believe to be in violation.
The Governor told reporters “We will continue to recognize that in the state of Florida, parents have a fundamental role in the education, healthcare and well being of their children,” “I don’t care what big corporations say, here I stand. I’m not backing down.”
Source: Reuters

Tyler Perry Says That His “Madea Voice” Comes Out During Sex

You’ve heard of 50 shades of Grey, well what about 50 shades of Madea.  Ok, so during one of vanity fair’s lie detector test episodes featuring Tyler Perry, he disclosed that he may sometimes take his work home with him, literally.
He jokingly confirmed that he sometimes uses his Madea voice at home too.  Saying “Sometimes. Once. On occasion — OK, during sex,”  then he went into singing a rendition of “Hello” by Adele in his Madea voice.
Madera’s latest title is called homecoming and for Mr. Perry, I think it might be a little too much coming home.
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