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‘Martin’ Reunion: BET+ Drops First-Look Trailer And It’s Dedicated To Tommy

Can you believe its been 30 years since the show Martin has been on tv. But  I’m sure from time to time you may still catch a re-run episode and I’m sure you laughed and it brought back all kind of memories. Well for hte cast of the Martin show they are ready to for the memories and laughs as well, as they are set to celebrate with a reunion special.

The special will be hosted by comedian Affion Crockett and will feature Martin and the cast from the show. Gina, Pam, Cole and although Tommy is no longer with us, they plan on having a special tribute to him during the show.

Get ready for special interviews with the cast, original directors, musical performances, and behind-the-scenes commentary on the importance and impact of the show.

Also some special appearances from the likes of  Snoop Dogg and Tommy Davidson, who were also guests on the original series.

The reunion special will air on BET + on June 16th. BET+  and the trailer is out now.

That is  going to be funny.

Source: Deadline



Bodycam shows Arizona police officers standing by as man begs for help and drowns in



Ok so body cam footage has been a great tool to show us what some of these officers are doing when they interact with individuals. And in this incident, footage shows these Arizona  police officers doing nothing while this man is begging for help before he drowned in a lake.

Transcript shows that the man climbed a fence and was told by officers that he was not allowed to go swimming in the lake. He proceeded to jump in the water and then at some point started having issues and started begging for help. Even his wife beg the officers to do something to save him, saying “he’s drowning right in front of you and you won’t help”.

According to the transcript one officer said “So what’s your plan right now?” the man said “I’m going to drown,” the officer said no you’re not. Another officer told him to swim to a pylon and hold on, to which he replied, I can’t. The officer’s response “Okay, I’m not jumping in after you.”

So the man continued to struggle in the water eventually going  under.

His body was recovered six hours later.

An investigation is ongoing meanwhile the officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

It must be another definition of protect and serve that I don’t know about.

Source: Independent


Ravens join hundreds of volunteers to spruce up west Baltimore school

Now back in town a big shout goes out to the Ravens for helping to do some well needed renovations and touch ups to one Baltimore City school.

Ravens players and hundreds of volunteers got together yesterday to make some changes to Franklin Square Middle / Elementary school in West Baltimore by refurbishing the  gymnasium, computer lab and cafeteria, they even planted trees and painted murals.

Ravens President said

“The community is a big part, it’s one of our three pillars — football, fans and community impact. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with our youth and give back to our community that we care so much for.”

And I love it…and imagine if we had more of this happening across  the city. The difference it would make.

Source: WBAL


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