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There is a lot of eating healthy talk going around and for good reason we need to eat healthier.  And ironically enough November is Good Nutrition month.
Plant based food is something that has been getting more popular as people are seeking healthy meatless food options.
They are suppose to provide many health benefits and a great way to meet all the nutrient needs of the body.
But can plant based be good for other things.
One Black Woman entrepreneur thinks so. She has launched Nourie, a hair extension plant based hair extension brand.

According to the founder, the inspiration behind Nourie stems from an allergic reaction she experienced after getting her hair braided with synthetic extensions.
Partnering with a  a polymer engineer they developed plant-based extensions by restructuring plant polymers into fibers that behave and feel like hair.
Nourie will be available in bundles of two and three and is set to launch next month with a $35 jet-black shade of extensions.
Talk about healthy hair.


Netflix Ad Tier Launches Today In Eight Countries: What to Know

Get ready to Netflix and Chill, with Ads.
Yes, the streaming service has launched its new advertising-backed subscription. Meaning you can get Netflix basic with some commercial ads for a price of $6.99. Pricing may vary in some places.
But the new service launched today in eight countries including the United States.
The chief operating officer for Netflix said, Basic with Ads features four to five minutes of ads per hour, with both series and feature films being interrupted by spots.
As far as the type of ads viewers can expect the typical mix of beer, cars, fast-casual restaurants, travel and consumer packaged goods.
But what you won’t see are political ads, guns, smoking or plugs for any products and services Netflix deems illegitimate.
Source: Deadline

“Black Lives Don’t Matter/Kill Them All” Written on the Wall Inside an Oakland School

The hate is real. 
There is still so much of it in this world. So much I really don’t even get surprised when I hear about incidents like this. 
As parents gathered at Thornhill Elementary school in Oakland, California, that has a black student population of 10%. They were demanding action for a threatening message written inside the girls bathroom.
According to NBC Bay Area that message said “Black lives don’t matter – kill them all.” 
The state superintendent of public instruction responded. He said, “This kind of language is unacceptable anywhere in society, especially in our schools. Schools are meant to be warm, welcoming, and inclusive places of learning, where everyone feels protected and loved. This kind of incident erodes that sense of security.

“To facilitate the healing the school community is doing, here are some specific things that we are working on:

Continue to provide anti-racist teachings

District Supported Family Listening Sessions

District increase in noon supervisor time

Affinity groups for adults supported by OUSD’s Office of Equity

Professional development to support staff

Just because you can afford to live among them doesn’t mean they want you among them.
Source: The Root