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Marylanders could get a shorter workweek under new bill

Can you imagine not working on Fridays? Have you ever thought about having a four day work week?
It could be possible under this new bill in the General Assembly.
But is it better than our current 5 day work week?
That is what lawmakers are trying to figure out.
The new bill proposes a pilot program that would study a shift to a four-day workweek for both private and public workers.

If passed, the pilot program would begin July 1, and expire in 2028.

According to The Four-Day Workweek Act of 2023,  business would need to shift at least 30 employees, and not have any prior plans to shorten the workweek.  Additionally, workers cannot see a drop in pay or benefits from the standard five-day week.

The Department of Labor would determine the tax credit amount businesses would get.

So are you down for the four day work week or what?

I’d give it a go…
Source: WTOP

Tyre Nichols had ‘extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating,’ according to preliminary autopsy commissioned by family

Tyree Nichols the young man who died after having an altercation with police has been making headlines all week long.

Today some more news broke.
The US Attorney says he is launching a Federal Civil Rights Probe into the incident. He met with the family and told them his investigation will be thorough and methodical.
Also getting released today was a cause of death. According to the preliminary autopsy report, Tyree died from extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating.
The five officers all black men were fired for violating policies on excessive use of force, duty to intervene and duty to render aid, the department said.
Two members of the city’s fire department were also fired.
Family attorney Ben Crump says video footage of the incident described it as “appalling,” “deplorable” and “heinous.”
As for when that video will be released, we will have to wait and see. Prosecutors say it is not ready yet.
And if it is as bad as they are alluding to. There could be a lot of
Source: CNN

Dog Shoots Turkish Man in Back Seat of Car

Now moving on.
This next story is a tragic one and shows that accidents can happen at anytime and they can be fatal.
 A dog fatally shot his owner.
how could this even possibly happen you might say.
Well this man had his rifle in the backseat when the dog stepped on it. The weapon which ws loaded discharged and shot him in the back  through the front passenger seat.
Emergency medical personnel administered CPR before he was pronounced dead at the scene,
Another person who was in the driver’s seat was physically unharmed,
Officials say the investigation is ongoing.
A crazy freak accident.
Source: Yahoo