THE BUZZ! Marylanders could get a shorter workweek under new bill Can you imagine not working on Fridays? Have you ever thought about having a four day work week? It could be possible under this new bill in the General Assembly. But is it better than our current 5 day work week? That is what […]

Anyone can get monkeypox, but CDC warns LGBTQ community about ‘greater chance’ of exposure now So if you haven’t heard by now there have been cases of monkey pox detected in some countries and even one case has been confirmed here in the U.S. So the CDC has issued a warning concerning the spread of […]

District Attorney DROPS Charges Against Texas Woman for ‘Illegal Abortion’ So in Texas we know they have been some changes to the laws when it comes to abortion, the procedure is banned after six weeks. A law that has left women with some serious challenges and some tough decisions. One young woman took matters into […]

The Buzz: Black family’s beachfront CA property seized during Jim Crow era is being returned — and it’s worth millions So California is trying to right a wrong of gross injustice when they took property from a black couple the bruces who started a beachfront getaway in Manhattan beach California… The couple bought the land in 1912 […]

Vice President Mike Pence has been rocking with President Trump since they have been running the White House for the past four years and has always seemingly had his back on various decisions statements and moves made by the president. Well up until now, saying he cannot submit to demands he overthrow the results of the election. […]