THE BUZZ!     Governor’s bill would raise Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 an hour this year First up, Could Maryland be getting a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour in 2023 Governor Wes Moore is trying to make it happen, Back in 2019 the the General Assembly passed a bill to raise the minimum wage to […]

THE BUZZ! Marylanders could get a shorter workweek under new bill Can you imagine not working on Fridays? Have you ever thought about having a four day work week? It could be possible under this new bill in the General Assembly. But is it better than our current 5 day work week? That is what […]

THE BUZZ! Maryland’s election results: Gov-elect Wes Moore, recreational weed and Baltimore City term limits Election day is over but all the results are not. There are still remaining races that are waiting to be determined. But we do know some winners in some states. Here in Maryland Wes Moore has named the new Governor […]

People of Color Won Local Elections in Historic Firsts Winsome Sears, who was born in Jamaica, is the first Black Republican woman to be elected to the Virginia General Assembly, And will be Virginia’s next lieutenant governor, as the first female and the first woman of color in the office in the commonwealth’s 400-year legislative history.  In […]