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Mayor says Louisville shooter’s rifle ‘will be back on the streets’ under state law

In Kentucky, the only thing that will ever go unpunished in a killing involving a gun as the murder weapon is the gun itself.

The mass shooting in Louisville Kentucky that left 5 people dead and others injured is still being investigated.
However, one thing that won’t be investigated, and will be back on the streets, is the murder weapon.
Due to Kentucky law, that murder weapon will eventually end up back on the streets.
A law which requires officers to send assault-style rifle used in shooting to state police officials to sell at auction.
According to the mayor of Louisville, breaking Kentucky law and destroying the assault gun would make him a criminal.

Legally they can remove the firing pins from any guns that local police officers confiscate, which leaves them inoperable. But incapacitating impounded guns in any other way is illegal.
So that used murder weapon will be treated no different than sports memorabilia auctioned, collected and circulated by fans.
From a murder scene to a only to end up back in the streets.
Source: TheGuardian

‘Never seen anything like this’: Fungal outbreak infects over 90 workers at Michigan paper mill

Another outbreak.
Over 90 employees at a paper factory in Michigan have been affected by this blastomyces fungal outbreak.
The fungus, which can be found in dirt and rotting wood, has already put twelve people in hospitals.

The outbreak is being looked into by local, state, and federal health and occupational safety officials since it is exceedingly unusual for such a huge number of people to be affected by one outbreak of a fungal disease, which is not generally spread from person to person.

Instead, it suggests that workers contracted the illness from the same substances that included blastomyces fungus spores, which are present in the environment in the eastern United States and some regions of Canada.

As soon as the spores are inside the lungs, the body’s heat and moisture can change them into yeast, which can either remain in the lungs or spread through the bloodstream to other body parts like the skin, bones, joints, organs, brain, and spinal cord.

I feel like they’re setting us up to start selling oxygen because the air is just going be so contaminated.

Hopefully, never. I like breathing freely.

Source: USA Today

15-year-old with loaded handgun arrested at Reginald F. Lewis High School


This country has serious concerns about the topic of gun regulation. And in particular for us and our communities, who witness our youngsters become victims of the gun culture.

These young children frequently use them and carry them in settings where you may not assume that weapons are necessary, such as schools.

WBAL just recently reported Yesterday, a pupil, 15, was taken into custody along with a loaded firearm.

On the grounds of Reginald F. Lewis High School, the pupil was arrested.

There were 15 guns found by Baltimore City Schools Police previous school year, compared to 14 so far this year.

Those numbers are not trending in the right direction.
Source: WBAL