Black Man Forced to Cut his Dreadlocks Sues a Kentucky State Prison Remember the crown act, it stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,”  and it is a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination. But I guess in Kentucky state prison, that means nothing, especially when it comes to 50 year […]

A priest changed one word. Thousands of baptisms he performed are declared invalid. Imagine getting baptized 25 years ago to only realize it didn’t count. It looks like for the past 25 years since 1995,  Rev. Andres Arango has performed thousands of baptisms but during the process he made one big mistake which makes all […]

In hard-hit Kentucky, one man, Jim Finch, is being hailed for stepping up in a major way to aid families during this tough time.

After 2020 saw a second consecutive Black beauty crowned as Miss USA with Mississippi's own Asya Branch, it's now happening for a third time in a row with the new champ for 2021, Elle Smith of Kentucky.

Attica Scott pledges to represent all corners of Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District, prioritizing the needs of traditionally vulnerable communities.

A predominantly Black Kentucky community is outraged after a judge dismissed the case of a white man who raped and fractured the skull of an 8-year-old child in 2019.

If it walks and quacks like a duck; chances are that it is a duck. The same goes for bootlicking sellout. After the miscarriage of justice that was Breonna Taylor’s indictment announcement or rather lack thereof, the feeling towards Kentucky’s government might be at an all time low with people of color. As spotted on […]

There have been many areas of continued unrest sparking from police violence against African American individuals. One of those areas is Louisville Kentucky where the tragic incident took the life of Breonna Taylor. There has been protests and demonstrations now in the city for over 100 days and still no arrests have been made in […]

As George Floyd’s case has taken the lead and has garnered the most attention of all the cases which we are currently aware of during the streak of incidents involving Black people losing their lives at the hand of excessive police behavior. Beyonce has decided to take up the call to not forget about one […]