THE BUZZ! IN NEW DOCUMENTARY DEREK CHAUVIN PROCLAIMS INNOCENCE AFTER PLEADING GUILTY TO GEORGE FLOYD’S MURDER Next, Speaking of big deals. The murder of George Floyd was a big deal. Big enough for it to grab the world’s attention. And big enough to still be talked about. Former police officer, Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty […]

Thabo Sefolosha has finally reached a settlement with the New York City Police Department over an altercation in April 2015 that left him with a broken leg. On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks star settled the lawsuit for $4 million — which is a far cry from the $50 million originally sought in the case. As you […]

The comedian was reportedly arrested after allegedly getting into a violent altercation in New Orleans on Saturday.


The ladies were protesting outside of Trump Tower on Tuesday evening.

New Yorker Moise Morancy was just being a Good Samaritan; thankfully the police let him go.

Though Chris was arrested for the incident, it seems there's no evidence to prove any of it ever happened.

Chris Brown's lawyer maintains his client's innocence, dismissing allegations that the singer pulled a gun on a female guest in his home.

Chris Brown found himself in hot water on Tuesday (August 30) after a woman claimed that he’d threatened her with a gun—but now reports are implying she may not be so innocent herself. According to sources, the accuser, Baylee Curran, is wanted in New York City for questioning in connection with criminal theft for allegedly stealing a […]

Police revealed that he was picked up after his ex reported the rapper texted her the threat on Wednesday.