THE BUZZ! California Reparations Payments Could Exceed $200K Per Person, Task Force Says There’s been a lot of talk about this country paying reparations to its African residents. We’re talking about repaying for the discrimination African Americans have to deal with while living in this country for generations. But who would be eligible? How much would […]

Oprah is known for her traditional yearly celebration, her annual Favorite Things List, an opportunity for her to share really cool products and businesses. This year her list returns but with a little different theme and message. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR APP AND TAKE US WITH YOU ANYWHERE! She said “The elves and I […]

While the plight of the Black community is still top of mind for many the less than treatment continues. Reports show our entrepreneurs are not being given a fair shake when it comes to federal support. As spotted on The New York Times research is now showing that Blacked owned businesses experienced a more tedious and […]

One year in business is a big deal especially for a boutique type movie theater that holds 86 guests and one has to compete with the tons of other viewing options available for people such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime,etc., and all of the many streaming services out there. Add to that Next Act Cinema. […]

I am so excited to learn today that Vanessa Williams is returning to the Miss America pageant as lead judge this year. One of the things she points out in interviews is that 32 years ago the thing she was most shocked about during her reign /controversy was the lack of support she received from the […]

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Shopping Black-owned businesses might not be as difficult as you think it is, and author Maggie Anderson gives her tips on how we can all…