Charles Barkley

Barack Obama will forever be our forever President because not only does he not pretend to forget where he comes from he will incorporate where he comes from to educated the masses, whether it be through music, sports and now the dozens. ‘Yo mama so fat that….’  Barack Obama rolled up his sleeves to get […]

The Buzz! 3300 State Employees To Be Relocated To Downtown Baltimore According to some numbers jobs in the area declined by 5.6% and the vacancy rate in the city has increased to nearly 24%. But governor Hogan has a plan to help re-vitalize and stabilize Baltimore’s central business district. He plans on relocating 3300 state employees from […]

Charles Barkley proudly announced decades ago that he is "not a role model" and the NBA legend backed up that claim and then some when he made disparaging remarks about Breonna Taylor's killing.

Charles Barkley has made a career out of being the loudest and often incorrect voice in the room as an NBA analyst, usually with an unapologetic bent. This time, one of the Hall of Famer’s jokes went too far with a reporter who called him out, but it appears she’s also got some verbal vomit […]

For the most part you either hate or love Charles Barkley. This week he got in a lot of people’s good graces with a great roast of the gay Tupac. On Thursday, February 22 the team at Inside the NBA had some time. During a segment where Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson and Charles […]

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Charles Barkley may be a basketball icon and popular sports commentator, but his views on race have led many in the Black community to cast him a side-eye. But TNT thought his controversial views would make for compelling TV and signed him up for a six-part TV series on race called The Race Card, airing […]

Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue. Now, the former NBA star is getting his own talk show.