Keyshia Cole

Months after losing her biological mother, the late Frankie Lons, R&B veteran Keyshia Cole is unfortunately now coping with the recent death of her adoptive father, Mr. Leon Cole, Jr.

Lons' struggle with addiction had been documented in numerous BET reality shows.

R&B singer Keyshia Cole shared her mother, Frankie Lons, and their story with the world on her 1st reality show Keyshia: The Way It Is.  Keyshia Cole through the think and thin always showed her love for her mother that was battling addiction.   However Keyshia Cole’s worst nightmare came true on July 17th, Frankie’s […]

Through all the ups and downs Keyshia Cole had a special bond with her mother Frankie Lons. Monday, July 20th news broke that Cole’s mother passed away at the age of 61. According to TMZ Lons was celebrating her birthday on Sunday when she suffered an overdose. Keyshia Cole’s mother has been open about her […]

The Oakland native became a reality TV fixture as she and her daughter openly spoke about her battles with addiction, finding sobriety and more.

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Keyshia Cole went on Instagram Live to address her lateness on Thursday's night battle.

Keyshia Cole and Ashanti May have shown up way late to their Verzus battle but their hair was flowing and their makeup Was flawless. Here’s their Verzus looks...

Keyshia Cole's hair is just as synonymous with her career as her soulful R&B vocals that have gotten women through breakups for years.