THE BUZZ! ROLLING STONE FOUNDER FACES BACKLASH FOR BIGOTED REMARKS, OUSTED FROM ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME Next, Talking about terrible combos. Sexism and racism are a perilous and destructive mix. Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone magazine, recently used both in comments regarding women and black musicians. The comments drew criticism and […]

No, the federal government isn’t spending $30 million on ‘crack pipes’ Now this story almost made the buzz yesterday but I wanted to wait to get confirmation on what was really happening and I’m glad I did. Because yesterday the  trending news was that President Biden and the government were planning on spending $30 million […]

Over across the pond in the UK, a zoo has actually hired a full-time Marvin Gaye impersonator to sing in the monkey exhibit as a way of encouraging the primates to have sex during mating season.

We've complied a quiz of some of his greatest hits. Test your knowledge in a game of "Finish The Lyric" below. 

Rolling Stone Magazine continues the conversation with their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with Marvin Gaye's magnum opus "What's Going On," taking the number 1 spot.

War and racial tensions were at an unsettling high when Marvin Gaye released "What's Going On?" back in 1971. In 2019, a similar struggle exists.

Marvin Gaye fans get ready because some of his unreleased music is coming out next month in honor of his 80th birthday.

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