THE BUZZ! At new mental health courts in California, judges will be able to mandate treatment First up A new kind of court is coming to California, not for criminals, but for people with severe mental illness. It’s called the CARE Courts program. Family members and first responders can ask a judge to order people […]

THE BUZZ!   Los Angeles man accused of treating thousands of people without a medical license for years, DA says First. A Los Angeles man in the medical field is in a lot of trouble after practicing on thousands of people and offering treatments for serious medical conditions. The problem was, he wasn’t a real doctor. […]

Biden administration secures 20 million courses of Covid-19 antiviral pill So over the past couple years its been a concentrated effort to have people vaxxed especially with this virus mutating and developing new strands and its been predominantly all about getting the shot. But there is another way, there’s a covid-19 antiviral pill you can […]

It looks like we are back in another state of emergency after Governor Larry Hogan made the announcement earlier today along with two executive orders. The Governor stated “Right now, we are experiencing the winter surge that we anticipated together with the convergence of the delta variant, the flu season and the omicron variant — […]

The Buzz! 3300 State Employees To Be Relocated To Downtown Baltimore According to some numbers jobs in the area declined by 5.6% and the vacancy rate in the city has increased to nearly 24%. But governor Hogan has a plan to help re-vitalize and stabilize Baltimore’s central business district. He plans on relocating 3300 state employees from […]