Sage Steele

Givenchy faces backlash for noose necklace at Paris fashion show  In year 2021 there are still situations like this happening and it is really unbelievably believable. So Fashion house Givenchy is getting a lot of backlash for one of the pieces it had their models rock while on the runway during a fashion show in […]

Shree Saini becomes first Indian-American to be crowned Miss World America So earlier this week Miss World America 2021 was crowned and it was a historic moment as Shree Saini of Washington state has become the first Indian American to win the title of Miss World America 2021. And she has a real inspiring story as […]

Sage Steele leaned into quite an antiquated assumption that women invite sexual assault and unwanted attention by the way they dress, even stating the women are doing so on purpose.

From Ben Carson to Sage Steele, here's a list of celebrities who might see the light after watching the racial horror flick.

Sage Steele gets dragged after criticizing the protesters outside of LAX.

The year's almost up and it feels like we've kicked out tons of people from the black club.