NBC shared that Mitch McConnell is the decedent of slave owners. It was reported that they owned 14 slaves. This isn’t unusual, but the difference is that he’s the senate majority holder. It’s especially interesting because he said he doesn’t think the US should pay African Americans reparations for something that happened over 150 years […]

Actress AJ Johnson was good friends with the late John Singleton. She tells the D.L. Hughley Show crew that they met on the set of House party and worked together on  Babyboy. He told her that the part of the young mom would be “so perfect,” for her so she went for it. She and […]

We all have bad habits…some are worse than others. And there are some that we should cut out right now, even if they seem harmless. One thing you need to stop doing is hitting the snooze button in the morning, according to researchers it makes you even sleepier! You also need to stop sharing makeup […]

The economy is doing extremely well, some say it’s because of the policies the Obama Administration put in place. Others, who DL says are wrong, believe it has a lot to do with Donald Trump. There are 10 cities where most of the new jobs are coming from. They are, Austin, San Jose, Nashville, San Antonio, […]

It’s no secret that ladies tend to not like their mans exes. But do you know what they actually think of her? Sometimes women may feel like his friends liked the ex more than they like her. She may also worry that his ex was better in bed than she is. Don’t Miss Out! Follow […]

Recently the Zetas have been criticized for saying they will not allow transgender women to join their organization. Kym Whitley is a Delta, but from her experience, no one checks what the ladies have between their legs when it comes time to pledge. Jasmine Sanders believes that just like Black men and women created our […]

Every time you have sex with someone it’s not because you love them. As a matter of fact there are some pretty hilarious reasons why you may have given up the goodies. Maybe the guy had a cute dog, or you heard a rumor that people think you may be gay, or maybe he fed […]

Michael Ealy stars in the new movie The Intruder along side Megan Good. Though they’ve been in the same movie a few times, they hadn’t gotten a chance to shoot a scene together until now. DL points out that the film is timely because there are people who feel like they’re being forced out of […]

When William Barr testified before congress and D.L. says he “lied openly.” He says this because on several occasions his story changed, and he obviously didn’t know that when a Black Woman asks you a question they already know the answer. Kamala Harris asked him simple yes or no questions he fumbled around and couldn’t […]

When Tisha Campbell-Martin starred as Gina on Martin they looked so good together and their chemistry was so great people assumed that they had to be dating. To this day there are people who assume that the two are married. But she says they never even dated. The assumptions were so bad that if she […]