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Most of us try to be as clean as possible, but there are some things we all do that are super gross! The worst part is that we don’t realize how gross these things are. For example, every time you use a card reader you need to go scrub your hands…those things are filthy! And […]

According to the CDC South Carolina’s STD rates are climbing. Now, they’re among the top in the country. In 2017 new records were set, there was a drastic increase of almost 2 million new cases of, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. The growing rates of STDs in the state have caused them to rank third out […]

Ladies, if you were wondering if men like that thing you do with your hair or a characteristic you have attractive, you may get your answer here. According to the list DL found, men are  unattractive to a woman who cant hold her liquor. Listen to the audio above for the full list. Don’t Miss […]

Something that you may not find too interesting is a pregnancy test, but, they actually can be pretty cool. Ancient Egyptians tested for pregnancy by having a woman sit on smashed dates (the fruit). If she threw up a lot they determined that she was pregnant. In the 16th century a doctor decided that you […]

Who doesn’t love saving money?! Companies and the government are no different. According to a study if just 1% of the smokers on Medicaid stopped smoking the company would save the program over $2 billion. While the number of smokers in America is at an all time low, the number of smokers who receive medicaid […]

In his nearly 30 year career, Morris Chestnut has worked with a ton of actors. Some of which have left a good taste in his mouth and others… not so much.  Chestnut revealed on the D.L .Hughley nightly TV show that Steven Seagal is one of those actors. Watch the video above to hear exactly […]

People sometimes call others “weird” because they do things differently. But, according to DL we’re all pretty weird. He’s pretty sure that most of us do some random and weird things when we’re alone and just don’t talk about them. Like, doing the absolute most to avoid getting on the elevator with a coworker. Listen […]

Employees who smile a lot are reportedly more likely to be heavy drinkers. According to a study those in the service industry that smile to prevent an eye roll are more likely to hit the bottle at the end of a shift. Researches believe those who have to suppress their emotions at work, like nurses, […]

Garcelle Beauvais is best known for her role as “Fancy”, the stunning love interest of “Jamie King” on “The Jamie Foxx Show”. The role put her on many people’s lists of their celebrity crushes. After the show she continued acting and became a mom of twin boys. Most recently, she can be seen on Prime’s […]

In the past parents could receive exemptions from getting their school aged children required vaccinations. Well, Washington state is looking to put an end to that trend and making it more difficult to receive these exemptions. It removes the personal belief exemption from a number of required immunizations. According to D.L., if people don’t want […]