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On LHHNY the reunion there was a debate between the ladies on the show and Peter about a woman’s expectation that her man provide for her and make sure she is okay financially if she is his woman. He called it being a ho and the ladies said if we are together a man should want his lady good.

Your thoughts … should a man who is sleeping with you or who considers you his woman be looking out for you financially before marriage?

  • Yep. He needs to stay in practice just in case we do get married.
  • No! Men get to save some things for marriage too! My pockets!
  • Yes, without hints and being asked. So many of us are financially stable and don’t need assistance but he can assist with extra expenses…
  • Yes men should,….But in 2016 so many pressed women are lowering the bar so low, a lot of men are taking advantage of getting the milk without buying the cow. Tara and Amina are just 2 of many women out here setting the wrong example for women. #SAD
  • Yes in theory, but NO because some women will take advantage and have you paying for everything and not take you seriously. I am not going to see you hungry, but the lavish stuff is only for a woman I am deeply committed to.
  • He should definitely be there financially. just sexing he should at least look out for her. $40 for gas. $100 for her cell if needed. if a woman can’t get anything from a guy she’s sexing she’s foolish.

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