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Gov Hogan had some things to say regarding the state  of Maryland.

One of those things was to end federal funded employment benefits after July 1st. That date is also when he announced any and all emergency restrictions and mandates of any kind will end across the state.

But a report from Fox 45 said when asked what it will take to save lives on the streets of Baltimore – Hogan said “I’ve spoken out on this before, you need the leaders to step up and take some new and additional actions. What they are doing obviously is not working well,” 

 “We are going to have to start enforcing the law. So far, that’s not something that the City has been willing to do.” “I don’t want to point fingers at who’s responsible, there’s a lot of factors that go into why we have a crime situation. But it’s certainly one of the factors because people aren’t making arrests because the prosecutor said they won’t prosecute the crimes,” Hogan said when asked if he thought Mosby and her policies were to blame for the current crime climate in Baltimore. “They’re kind of at a loss for what to do.”

Source: Fox 45


CDC now calls coronavirus Delta variant a ‘variant of concern’ 

The variant of concern designation is given to strains of the virus that scientists believe are more transmissible or can cause more severe disease.  

We know the covid-19 variants have now been given Greek names to identify them in order of their appearance and discovery so the variants of concern are alpha – the uk variant / beta – the south African  / & Gamma – Brazil / & Delta – the India variant.

The Alpha strain is the dominant strain in the United States and has been since about late April

But there are concerns regarding the Delta Variant as some cases have been discovered in the US and is said to be rapidly increasing

As it currently accounts for nearly 10% of coronavirus cases in the US, according to the CDC. 

And they’re concerned it could become the dominant strain soon, 

And according to Dr. Eric Topol, “This is the most troubling variant by far, because it’s another 60% more contagious than the Alpha, so it’s a super spreader strain,”

The good news is that people who are fully vaccinated seem to have solid protection against the Delta variant

Source: CNN


A Two-Year-Old Swallowed 16 Magnetic Balls, Ended Up In Surgery.

A Florida mother of five says one of her older kids brought tiny magnetic balls home from school. Shortly after, her youngest son, Konin, started having stomach pain. Evidently he swallowed sixteen of them and had to be taken to the emergency room.

The Mom said “As he ate them, they went down into his digestive tract, and with each one he swallowed it would click together and it perforated a hole through his stomach all the way down into his colon area,”

After extensive surgery, the magnets are out, but Konin is back in the hospital with a feeding tube — as doctors run tests to figure out why he can’t keep anything down.

His mom’s message to others: double, even triple check what your kids bring home.

I remember when my son swallowed a penny, its scary situation and I hope he continues to get better.

Source: WBAL

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