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Vaccines For Children Under 12 Years Old

More people outside, in person schooling approaching, and with the delta variant of the covid-19 virus.  new cases are on the rise especially in younger adults…. and children Vaccines are currently only available for individuals 12 and over.

Well Joe Biden spoke at a Town Hall yesterday and one of the takeaways was his thoughts on getting children under the age of 12 vaccinated 

He said “They’re not promising me any specific date, but my expectation, talking to the scientists, is that sometime maybe in the beginning of the school year, at the end of August, beginning of September, October, you’ll get a final approval” for vaccinating kids. But, he added, the ultimate decision lay with officials at the FDA and CDC

Vaccines For All coming Soon!

Source: Guardian



Who Is Making It Rain

So we know its summer…and summer is usually hot but in some places its been extremely hot. In places like Dubai where they get around 4 inches of rain a year and temperatures reaching over 120 degrees…They’re getting resilient in trying to help with both issues.. So they decided to make their own rain, yes man made rain. 

They had monsoon like rains recently due to a rainmaking technology that has been around since the 1940s. Usually referred to as cloud seeding, these involved aircraft or cannons firing solid particles, usually salt or silver iodide, into clouds to encourage snow and rainfall.

The Scientific American reports that eight states are currently using the cloud seeding technology.

Allegedly there is evidence that cloud seeding increase rainfall by 10-15%. However, there are drawbacks. Shooting silver iodide into clouds can be toxic to marine life.

Weather Control… man made rain / no this is not a sci fi movie.

Source: Independent



Monkey Pox Exposure In The USA

 I feel like we are in an era like no other with these viruses and diseases and well yes there is more… as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it is monitoring over 200 people across 27 states after they had contact with an individual who was diagnosed with monkey pox.

The infected person a US resident  traveled  from Lagos, Nigeria, on an overnight flight to Atlanta on July 9; and then traveled the same day to Dallas. Then on July 15, the person sought care at a Dallas hospital emergency room, where they were diagnosed with monkey pox.

And we do not need another pandemic or a viral breakout right now…

Source: Stat News 

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