THE BUZZ! Racial slur seen in TV weather forecast: ‘We apologize to our viewers’ A weather channel in Des Moines Iowa is apologizing to its viewers. The apology is in response to a racial slur shown on screen during a broadcast. The graphic on the screen read Hello Des Moines, This is your weather my […]

The Buzz: Vaccines For Children Under 12 Years Old More people outside, in person schooling approaching, and with the delta variant of the covid-19 virus.  new cases are on the rise especially in younger adults…. and children Vaccines are currently only available for individuals 12 and over. Well Joe Biden spoke at a Town Hall yesterday and one […]

Snow this time of year for people living in the north east is really not a new thing but for some holiday fans white Christmas is a nice holiday treat. Well if you are one of those wishing for a white Christmas this year, forecasters say there is a nonzero chance of that happening. Warm […]

There are always new surveys coming out, well this one from WalletHub ranks the happiest states in the united states. To determine which states would land where they used many different metrics to figure out what factors go into being happy. From income growth, depression rates, to unemployment, and weather they used over 32 metrics […]

As temperatures dipped overnight, our area saw snowflakes, but not much accumulation. Most areas saw less than an inch, with just two school systems, Carroll County and Harford County delaying classes.   Sign Up For Our Newsletter! For The Latest News: Source:FoxBaltimore  

Old man winter’s been hanging around for a minute, but now he’s really starting to get comfortable. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared state of emergency prior to the blizzard on January 21 as a precaution of the Jonas blizzard forecasted to hit the area on January 22. A blizzard warning is in effect from 6 […]

Al Roker's Weather Channel show was canceled after he and company president got into a dispute over email about Hurricane Katrina coverage

The seventh fire in 10 days to break out at a southern Black church may have been caused by lightning, the FBI announced Wednesday. Officials from…

Via Schools across the Baltimore area have announced school closings due to winter storm and many local government offices are closed as well. Schools in Baltimore City and surrounding counties have announced that they will close Wednesday March 6, 2013, For the latest school closings, see here. Winter Storm Headed Towards The Baltimore Region […]

Via A potential storm is issued for the Baltimore region this Wednesday, winter storm watches have been posted for Tuesday evening into Wednesday evening. We are expected to get up to five inches of snowfall, until then expect nice weather in the mid 40’s. Read Here For More Updates! Bobby Rogers Of Smokey Robinson […]