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Simone Biles Withdraws From Olympic Finals

We have seen Simone Biles do amazing things in the sport of Gymnastics and is considered by many as the best gymnast in the world and many would say of all time.

Well during Day two of the Women’s Vault Qualification  after landing her vault she injured her leg and left the competition floor she came back with her leg wrapped, which was not what you wanted to see. That injury meant that she would not participate in the finals and her teammates were forced to finish without her and took the silver medal in the women’s team final. Which marks the first time the us women’s team has not come out on top in a major international competition. They’ve won every Olympic and world championship event since 2011. It’s still unclear if She will compete in all five individual finals or all around final which she won last Olympics.

Tough Luck.

Source: . WBAL



Landlord Enters Apartment Without Permission And Gets Arrested

Now there are some real creeps out her in this world and this one was A landlord in East Haven, Connecticut  who has been arrested after he was caught breaking into a tenant’s home and going through her and her daughter’s underwear. 

The woman told the police she had caught him several times entering her apartment when no on was home so she decided to put up a hidden camera and that’s when she caught him in the act.

After officials viewed the video footage and investigated a little more  they applied for an arrest warrant and charged the 38 year old landlord with third-degree burglary. He was released on a $25,000 bond.

What happens in your home when you’re not there…

Source: Complex



The Return Of The Funk… P-Funk

What are some things you think you will be thinking about doing in your life after celebrating your 80th birthday? If you’re George Clinton… you might say to yourself… I’m coming out of retirement.

Yup, after celebrating his 80th birthday  in LA Rolling Stone reports that the Father of P Funk is saying goodbye to retirement and hello to his career once again. 

He was supposed to part of a farewell tour with other members of parliament from 2019 but now says “I’m gonna pull back from that, I feel good, you know. Got all my bloodwork done with the doctors and all that. I ain’t got no problem. No meds. It’s hello again. You’re gonna have to drag me off.”

He also said that even if things weren’t going so well with his health and he ended up passing away while touring, he’d be okay with it because at least folks would say he “went out funking.” 

He also mentioned that there were two P-Funk albums in the works, one of which is described as being “trap-inspired” and the other a live release. 

Get ready for the The Return Of The Funk

Source: The Root

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