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Bill Cosby believes convicted sex abuser R Kelly was ‘railroaded’ during his sex crimes trial blaming racism and claiming any appeal will be successful

Bill Cosby had some comments about the R Kelly verdict and feels some kind of way about what happened to him. 

Cosby who just went through his own court issues said thru his publicist he believes  R Kelly was ‘railroaded’ during his sex trafficking trial and ‘wasn’t going to catch a break’

And blamed racism for Kelly’s conviction. Saying that any appeal the singer made would likely be successful.

Cosby’s rep also had something to say about lawyer Gloria Allred who represented victims in both Kelly and Cosby’s cases.

Saying that she did the same thing [with Kelly] that she did with Cosby,’ ‘You parade women out and you stir up the public sentiment to go against him and that’s what they did to R Kelly.’

Wyatt said that Kelly’s case was an example of ‘an assault on black men’ in America today. ‘I don’t know anywhere but in this country, in the United States, that a documentary can bring someone to court.’ 

Source: Daily Mail


Child dies from rare, brain-eating amoeba found at Texas splash pad

Now in sad and in totally preventable news. A six year old kid in Texas has passed away after being infected with a rare brain-eating amoeba. So rare, they’ve been only 34 reported cases in the U.S. from 2010 to 2019. The kid caught the infection at a Texas splash Pad that he visited. 

City officials said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the presence of the amoeba in water samples from the park he visited.

The Deputy City Manager said after a review “they identified gaps in our daily inspection program and those gaps resulted in us not meeting our maintenance standards at our splash pads.”

City officials say Arlington’s drinking water supply was not affected, and that the splash pad is equipped with a backflow prevention device designed to isolate its water from the city’s water distribution system.

And that kind of negligence took a life.

Source: USA Today


Our Mayor Is Going back To School

Baltimore’s mayor Brandon Scott is heading back to school along with 37 other mayors across the country. They are enrolled in a series of  “immersive classes of cutting-edge training” taught by staff from the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School. Among the mayors selected, 17 are women, 19 are Black or Hispanic, and 15 are in their first year of office.

Now this didn’t cost Baltimore anything, the four-day trip, lodging,  transportation, tuition, curriculum and materials, was fully paid by the initiative’s sponsor, Bloomberg Philanthropies who in their press release said this year’s curriculum will focus on the management skills needed to confront the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 in cities.

I wonder if they get homework.

Source: Baltimore Brew

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