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George Zimmerman’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Trayvon Martin’s Parents Has Been


Remember this name George Zimmerman. Well he is back in court for his defamation and conspiracy lawsuit against  the parents of Trayvon Martin the young man he shot and killed, but this time it didn’t work in his favor. Zimmerman even included their attorney Ben Crump in the lawsuit, accusing them of trying to “destroy his good will and reputation in the community,” and painting him as a racist murderer who racially profiled Trayvon and overstepped his boundaries as a volunteer for the community watch.
Well the judge wasn’t going for it and threw out the case and in his order he wrote that Zimmerman didn’t show “any fraudulent representation,” and it would be pointless to pursue any further arguments in the case. “There can be no claim for conspiracy to defraud if there is no adequately stated claim for fraud.”
Source: Complex

Sha’Carri Richardson Calls Out IOC For Disqualifying Her But Allowing Doped-Up Kamila

Valieva To Compete

Another name I’m sure you remember is Sha’Carri Richardson when she was making headlines for getting disqualified for the Olympic games for failing a drug test testing positive for marijuana. Something she said she used after finding about her Mother passing. Well now she’s upset and wants answers after a current figure skating athlete was allowed to still compete in the Games after failing a drug test  in the past two months for a performance enhancing substance that helps with endurance.
Sha’Carri took to Twitter to express her frustration and tweeted:
  • Can we get a solid answer on the difference of her situation and mines? My mother died and I can’t run and was also favored to place top 3. The only difference I see is I’m a black young lady.
  • It’s all in the skin
  • Btw THC definitely is not a performance enhance!!!!
  • Failed in December and the world just now know however my resulted was posted within a week and my name & talent was slaughtered to the people.
  • Not one BLACK athlete has been about to compete with a case going on, I don’t care what they say!!!
She’s got a great point and can’t wait to see what to hear the explanation on this one.
Source: Bossip / NY Post

Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes to host Oscars: report

It is Award season and it also Oscar season and for the past three years there has not been a host, well this year that’s going to change. So how do you make up for three years host less, you have three hosts for this year’s show. Of the three hosts all women two are Sisters. Regina hall also Wanda Sykes were named as hosts for the upcoming 94th showing of the  Oscars along with Amy Schumer.
Reports say that each will be responsible for one hour of the three-hour broadcast, not sure who will host which hour as of now but you can catch them and the Oscars  live on March 27.
Source: The Griot
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