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Biden Interviews Three Black Women for Supreme Court

So we are getting closer to finding out who will be the new member of the Supreme Court. Biden has said he is considering having an African American Women as a possible candidate.

Well lets meet the three ladies who CNN reports have been interviewed so far:

Ketanji Brown Jackson – she sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia,
Leondra Kruger – she sits on the California Supreme Court,
and J. Michelle Childs – she sits on the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina.
will they be the only ones to be considered, not  sure but A White House spokesperson, said “ President Biden continues to evaluate eminently qualified individuals in the mold of Justice Breyer who have the strongest records, intellect, character, and dedication to the rule of law that anyone could ask for—and all of whom would be deserving of bipartisan support. He looks forward to announcing a nominee this month.”
So we should find out very very soon.
Source: Ebony / CNN

Ahmaud Arbery’s Mom Announces Scholarship Awarding $18K To Teens At His Former

High School

Yesterday February 23rd was the anniversary of Ahmaud Arberry’s  life being taken and his Mother has created a way to keep his name alive. She created The Ahmaud Arberry Foundation, and one of the things they are doing is helping students with six $3,000 scholarships at Brunswick High School, where Arbery graduated in 2012. The recipients will be announced on May 8, which would have been Arbery’s 28th birthday.
His Mother Speaking at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights said  ‘We believe in helping to create opportunities for young Black men to further their education, to start a business, to simply build a life. Something Ahmaud did not have the chance to do,’ Cooper-Jones said. ‘Justice goes beyond judgment made in the courtroom. Justice ensures every child, no matter what their skin color, his socioeconomic situation, is safe and has equal opportunities to realize their dreams.’”

Russia invades Ukraine in Europe’s ‘darkest hours’ since WWII

It looks like its official. Russia has invaded Ukraine and its being reported that Russia is coming from all sides: land, air, and sea.
It’s being called the biggest attack one state from another in Europe since World War II.
The Ukraine President though is adamant about defending his country and Tweeted “Russia treacherously attacked our state in the morning, as Nazi Germany did in the WW2 years, “Russia has embarked on a path of evil, but Ukraine is defending itself & won’t give up its freedom no matter what Moscow thinks.”
He’s even calling on civilians to defend the country and said he would give arms to anyone prepared to fight.
Now we will find out what all this means for Ukraine and the rest of the world.
Source: Reuters

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