Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is speaking out about the U.S. drone strike that killed Iran general Qasem Soleimani. The former NFL star called the incident just another example of “American Imperialism.” Soleimani was a top Iranian commander killed by a precision U.S. airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq that was ordered by Donald Trump. According to the state […]

Colin Kaepernick will finally have an opportunity to show his talents to an array of NFL team officials today (November 16), although many observers feel like it’s a PR stunt concocted by the league. In support of his journey, the trending topic #StillWithKap has cropped back up and Twitter is joined in solidarity with the […]

It’s no secret Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL. Since then, there have been a lot of claims being thrown out there. Tired of the BS, Team Kap issued a 2-page “fact” sheet to set the record straight. TMZ reports that the document was issued by Kap’s agent, Jeff Nalley, who makes […]

Rihanna is still a real one. In a recent interview, the Bajan singer and mogul confirmed that she passed on performing at the 2019 Super Bowl specifically and unequivocally because of Colin Kaepernick. By now you should know, Kap has been essentially blackballed by the NFL as a consequence of protesting injustice by kneeling while […]

Colin Kaepernick is changing the game once again. His ambassador role at Nike has proven to be a wise move for the sporting goods giant. As spotted on Hypebeast the former NFL quarterback’s Nike campaign won an Emmy award for “Outstanding Commercial” at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Titled “Dream Crazy” the advertisement featured […]

While Colin Kaepernick is now a man of few words and tweets these days he made it a point to open up about his journey. In a recent Q&A he discusses how his life took a sharp turn from the NFL to serving the underserved. The former starting quarterback did a rare interview with Paper Magazine. […]

The Grand Old Party is back to their old tricks again. They were caught using their Photoshop skills for not so nice purposes. As spotted on Raw Story the National Republican Congressional Committee sent out an email blast to their constituents; included was a shady meme about Colin Kaepnernick. The post painted him as non patriotic […]

While Colin Kaepernick did come to terms with the NFL it might have not been enough in the public’s eyes. Reports are claiming his settlement was way below what was expected. According to a recent report by Deadline the former San Francisco 49er may have received far less than what was originally reported. The Wall […]

Imagine being too controversial for a resolution recognizing Black History Month when you’re black. That’s what happened to Colin Kaepernick as Wisconsin Republicans stripped the exiled quarterback’s name from a resolution recognizing Black History Month, saying that Kaepernick was too controversial to be included. The resolution, which was drafted by the state legislature’s Black Caucus, named several African-American leaders […]