Mike Tyson

I think we can all agree that Black men in the public eye taking accountability for their bad behavior is a rarity. With the combination of forces like society’s unrealistic and stifling expectations of what it means to be a man, an aversion to mental health services, and ego, it just doesn’t happen all that […]

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Robin Givens was put on front street when her ex-husband Mike Tyson wrote in his memoir that he rolled up on Givens in bed with Brad Pitt, this after discovering them in a car one night prior to that alleged event. Givens shot down the rumor of the affair with Pitt but did confirm that […]

Mike Tyson made a living putting the mitts on folks’ jaws for several years and there is a reason to believe that he can still do that the age of 52. Apparently, Wack 100 knows a little about Iron Mike’s hands after the pair reportedly got into a fight during the taping of the legendary […]

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Nothing is worse than a Chris Brown/Soulja Boy beef that has Mike Tyson added to the mix. The champ hit the recording booth this week with producer Damon Elliott to drop a verse for his new diss track to Soulja Boy, “If You Show Up. ” In the 30-second snippet of the track, Tyson can […]

The late, great Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer to have ever participated in the sport. But even greats have people they respect and admire, and for Ali, it was Mike Tyson.

Trump is expected to be officially nominated in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. "I Got Money," aka 50 Cent, has not sold his Connecticut mansion, contrary to recent reports.