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THE BUZZ! Mike Tyson slams ‘slave master’ Hulu series for ‘stealing’ life story  Mike Tyson is one person I would not want to have upset with me, for obvious reasons. And right now he is big mad at the streaming service Hulu. They are set to release a television drama of Mike Tyson’s life simply […]

Mary J. Blige To Executive Produce Lifetime Movie ‘Real Love’ Inspired By Her Song We know the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and her legacy in music and now we have seen her on TV and the big screen also doing her thing. Now it looks like shes even getting very comfortable behind the scenes […]

Will Smith is partnering with Netflix this time TO host Amend: The Fight for America, a Netflix documentary series that asks the intriguing question, “What does it mean to be an American?” The documentary will debut on Feb. 17 and is produced by Smith and Larry Wilmore. According to Deadline, the six-hour docu-series explores the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution […]

Now you might not know her by name…Sarah Cooper, but you’ve probably seen her videos on social media lip syncing to some of trumps statements. Well, her videos have gone viral and since march, the best-selling author and comedian, a Jamaican American (big up to the Caribbean massive), has amassed millions of followers and now…..a Netflix […]

Yes! just in time right. I now you have probably watched everything you deemed worthy of watching even some things you probably would never watch under any circumstance but during these times, a lot of titles are getting a shot. Well not to fear Netflix probably hearing the rumblings from people all over is set […]