THE BUZZ!   White Lawyer Fired For Allegedly Snatching Wig Off The Head Of A Black Woman First. If you gon’ learn today was a person. An intoxicated white man in NYC snatched a black woman’s wig. She confronted him, yelling why. He smirked. A friend tried to get him to apologize, but he refused. […]


A white woman was caught on video attacking Black men with her iPad in a subway car. The men fought back and one sprayed soda in her face before exiting the train.

32-year-old MTA motorman Terrell Harris is currently being sought out by authorities for giving his girlfriend, 28-year-old Dominique Belgrave, access to control the D Train at 50th Street, 55th Street and 62nd Street stations in BK's Borough Park neighborhood.

41-year-old actor Isaiah Stokes, seen on "Law & Order: SVU," "Boardwalk Empire" and most notably "Power," is being charged with one-count murder in the second degree and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Miya Ponsetto is back in the news again after pleading not guilty to felony hate crime charges related to a deeply disturbing December incident where she assaulted Keyon Harrold Jr., after falsely accusing him of stealing her phone.

Inside The Buzz: Are You Smarter Than A Two Year Old. Probably not if that Two year old is named Kashe Quest . This young genius who is the youngest member of American Mensa. Mensa, is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world and the only way to join or even qualify is to score in […]

Cooper recently filed a racial discrimination lawsuit and folks on Twitter are giving her the business.

A Black vlogger in New York City named Alana Lambert shared her experience on YouTube after she and a friend were accosted by a woman in Central Park over Lambert's phone charger.


It’s safe to say we live in a digital world, where almost anything a person could want is just the push of a button away. Unfortunately, a Brooklyn mom learned the hard way that when a child wants something, they will most certainly push that button – hundreds of times in a row. Jennifer Bryant […]

Miya Ponsetto continued her air of superiority during a recent court hearing when she told a judge she would like to avoid jail.