Snoop Dogg

Texas sues CDC to stop mask mandates on planes So the Biden administration is getting sued, by Texas. Yes, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the Biden administration to end mask mandates on planes. The lawsuit argues that the mandate imposes a “restriction on travelers’ liberty interests” and that the Centers for Disease Control […]

TIME For Kids Names 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Orion Jean ‘Kid Of The Year’ Time magazine has named its Kid of the Year for 2021 and it is a young brother named Orion jean. Who at only 11 years old has already accomplished some amazing things. He is an entrepreneur and a black ambassador for kindness, with […]

Snoop Dogg, who got his start as a professional record artist with the outfit, purchased the label, and fans on Twitter are saluting the Doggfather.

The spot is pretty damn dope so we can only imagine the hits that these legendary artists will be belting out for 12 minutes come February 13.

The Doggfather's latest business venture might see the Triple OG moving into the glizzy gang with a potential line of hot dogs.

En route to the Doggfather's Algorithm dropping this coming Friday (November 20), the Long Beach. Calif. Triple OG shared in an interview that he should be the one running his former home in Death Row Records.

"Thank u god for giving me an angel," Snoop wrote on Instagram Sunday (October 24) about his mom.

Snoop Dogg has grown from the young rap pup that drug his dog house into Death Row in 1992 to one of the big dogs of Hip Hop that is still thriving til this day.  Not only has Uncle Snoop maintained a successful rap career but he has also reinvented himself masterfully from just a […]

The pair are now entering into a new partnership with BIC for its new EZ Reach lighter

According to the New York Post, on his final day in office, Donald Trump officially commuted the sentence of Harry O, whose real name is Michael Harris, after it was revealed that former Death Row artist and Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg had been secretly lobbying at the White House for Harris's release. Snoop, who has been an outspoken critic of Trump and his administration, had reportedly called the move a "Godsend" before thanking the administration for serving his longtime friend justice.