Louisiana Teacher Arrested For Feeding Students Sperm-Filled Cupcakes Now we’ve heard some stories about teachers doing some crazy things to students and here is another one. One you are not going to believe.  So there is a teacher from Louisiana who admitted to and pleaded guilty to lacing cupcakes with her ex-husband’s sperm and feeding […]

Arkansas inmates sue jail alleging ivermectin ‘experiment’ So there are some prisoners in an Arkansas jail who are claiming they were tricked and lied to by the jail and medical staff, and they are suing. Yeah, they are suing the Washington County Detention Center, its sheriff and its physician. Allegedly they are saying they were […]

Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey was placed on administrative leave after shooting at a suspect during a New Year’s Eve fight in the parking lot of a Superstop in Arkansas.

Shree Saini becomes first Indian-American to be crowned Miss World America So earlier this week Miss World America 2021 was crowned and it was a historic moment as Shree Saini of Washington state has become the first Indian American to win the title of Miss World America 2021. And she has a real inspiring story as […]

A pair of white journalists for KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas found themselves getting suspended after rocking synthetic Afro wigs during an on-air segment in September.

A Camden, Arkansas student resource officer has reportedly been put on paid leave after a video of him placing a high school student in a chokehold and lifting from the ground as others are screaming for the officer to release him circulated online. n the footage, the officer, Jake Perry is seen trying to detain […]

A month after Maleah Davis was last seen alive, Quanell X, who represented her mother, told reporters the girl’s stepfather told him the 4-year-old’s body was dumped in Arkansas. On Friday, Quanell X, told reporters about the new information he claimed to have received from Derion Vence, the suspect in Maleah’s disappearance. Quanell said he met […]

The video is compiled of dashcam footage as well as security cameras from local businesses near where the shooting occurred.

Trent Bennett, a teacher at Malvern High School in Little Rock, took to KTHV-TV's Facebook page on Christmas Eve to unleash a series of racist remarks about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Arkansas fireman rescued the baby girl after the parents didn't have her safely buckled in.