Jussie Smollett has been released from jail pending an appeal of his conviction Well Empire star Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail and 30 months of felony probation but his time in jail wasn’t long after all.  The court sided with Jussie and his legal team after an emergency motion was filed […]

Mayors urge homeless to get off streets as ‘cold-blooded killer’ stalks NYC, DC So the Mayors of New York and Washington D.C. are sending the same message to the homeless people in their cities, get off the streets now. The reason is there is a man who is targeting homeless people in both cities.  This […]

If there’s one thing Twitter is going to give you, it’s their opinion and Twitter is not holding back on their comments for Jussie Smollett. In the on-going trial, of Jussie Smollett, A jury has found the 39-year-old actor, Jussie Smollett guilty on five of six charges stemming from his claim of being attacked in […]

The actor was found guilty in five counts but acquitted in one count.

Playboy Announces Cardi B as Its First-Ever Creative Director-in-Residence So Cardi B is joining Playboy and she is excited about it. She is officially Playboy‘s first creative director in residence. According to an announcement from Playboy, Cardi B will “provide artistic direction across co-branded fashion and sexual wellness merchandise collections, digital editorial, experiential activation.” She’ll also […]

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett finally took the stand in his viral trial after explosive testimonies from the two brothers he accuses of attacking him in a homophobic rage, and his side of the story just adds another layer to the bizarreness of it all.

Just when you think the world has moved on from the Jussie Smollett jig it rears it ugly head around. A family member is finally commenting on the peculiar ordeal. As spotted on Vulture the sister of the Empire actor is speaking up and giving her point of view on the events of January 29, 2019 where her […]

Remember Jussie Smollet? Yes the actor is still around and is now attempting to leverage the current civil uprising for his help legal issues. 

Ambimbola “Abel” Osundairo, one of the brothers prosecutors say the former 'Empire' actor paid off to hatch a staged racial and homophobic attack, visited a gay bathhouse that Smollett also frequented.