New Jersey

Black Santa has become a mainstay during this time of the year, but we doubt no one can top the collection of "Kris Kringles in color" that one New Jersey woman has been collecting for over 20 years.

Jasmine Clifford faces two felonies related to the scam along with an additional misdemeanor conspiracy charge, and another woman also faces charges for entering false records in the state of New York's immunization database.

Edward Cagney Mathews was finally arrested for harassing his neighbor and calling him the N-word on video, but there was no hate crime charge and the apparent white supremacist's close association with police in New Jersey is being questioned.

The Buzz: Mass Shootings Take Place Over Mother’s Day Weekend at least Nine Reported. Phoenix An overnight shooting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel left one man dead and at least seven others wounded, Woodlawn, Maryland Right here locally three people are dead and another was injured during a shooting at a town home Saturday morning California At […]

Officials in New Jersey terminated a white officer after she publicly lamented about the Black Lives Matter movement at the height of injustice demonstrations relating to police brutality in 2020. 

The Buzz! Derek Chauvin Had Something Written On His Hand Leaving The Courtroom Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges yesterday and was released immediately o the state and while he was making his way out of the courtroom in handcuffs…the camera caught some scribble on Chauvins hand. Well according to TMZ… it […]

Lovers of the leaf living in The Garden State just got the news of a lifetime. They will now be able to purchase marijuana legally. As spotted on The Gothamist New Jersey has decriminalized cannabis. Legislation has been in discussion for several years but failed to get approved to be a law not once but twice […]

There are always new surveys coming out, well this one from WalletHub ranks the happiest states in the united states. To determine which states would land where they used many different metrics to figure out what factors go into being happy. From income growth, depression rates, to unemployment, and weather they used over 32 metrics […]

While no suspect nor motive has been established at this point, it wouldn't be out of the question to suspect that this is related to a court case that the judge or her husband may have or are currently involved in.

Natural hair discrimination no longer has a place in New Jersey!