THE BUZZ! Elon Musk Says He’ll Give Wikipedia $1 Billion if They Change Their Name to D*ckipedia Next, Speaking of name changes. Elon Musk is willing to pay big money for this name change, on one condition. The richest man in the world took to social media to announce he is willing to donate $1 billion dollars […]

THE BUZZ!   White Lawyer Fired For Allegedly Snatching Wig Off The Head Of A Black Woman First. If you gon’ learn today was a person. An intoxicated white man in NYC snatched a black woman’s wig. She confronted him, yelling why. He smirked. A friend tried to get him to apologize, but he refused. […]

Beyoncé Starts A TikTok Account, Sparking Conversations Of New Music Beyonce is buzzing after she started a Tik Tok account.  The account was confirmed by Tidal who stated Beyonce has entered the chat with a screenshot of her account. Since her account began just a few days ago she is now almost at 800 thousand followers. […]

The Buzz: Mariah Carey Clears The Air About Jay Z Argument. News broke of an alleged explosive argument between Mariah Carey and Jay Z’ that led to a split between the artist and her management company Roc Nation. it seemed to be at least rue that she was leaving the company as her name image […]

The leader of The organization known as the Proud Boys has been arrested yesterday in Washington D.C. for allegedly burning a black lives matter banner that was on a church’s property in D.C. The leader of the Proud Boys whose name is Henry “Enrique” Tarrio was charged with with destruction of property related to an offense […]

Donald Trump hasn't even been the President of the United States for more than an hour and he's already made some drastic changes.

Khloe Kardashian has never been afraid to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The parents of Trayvon Martin have launched a new website and political  committee aimed at changing the controversial law, “stand your  ground.” The site say,” A new committee of continuous existence, or CCE, called “Change for Trayvon” and a corresponding website will collect funds to “be distributed to candidates, elected officials and efforts which support the […]